22 veterans are dying by suicide per day, or one every 65 minutes. Your company can make a difference to our nation's heroes and warriors, they need your help.


Our annual fundraiser, “Hike V” will be held on Saturday May 20th in Glastonbury, Connecticut.  Hikers will meet at St. Paul’s Church at 5 am and will step off the morning for a 22k hike followed by a Community event being held at the Riverfront Community Center which will run from 10:30 am until 2:00 pm.

As you know, financial support is extremely important to The Marine Corps League Peter P. Monaco Jr. Detachment 40 non-profit. We rely on donations to provide services in the community
to Veterans and their families that are sorely needed.

“Hike V” attracts more and more attendees each year, but we depend on the added support of our friends, family and the business community. Would you consider proving a donation, auction item and or a corporate sponsorship to support our organization and help us to provide resources for so many Veterans and their families that are in need?

We believe that uniting Veterans and service members from all areas and walks of life is the most important aspect to combating Veteran suicide. We all served for the common good of our nation. This year’s hike is designed to join the forces, and support the fight to end Veteran suicide. We are inviting anyone who has served to join us and participate in our 22k Hike and their friends, family and our many supporters to join us all for the community event. We will provide anyone who has served and finds themselves facing hard times with a network of fellow service members who they can turn to.

Someone from our staff and or committee will be contacting you to discuss your contribution and to share more information about Hike V and the organization. It is a win/win situation when we benefit from your donation and you receive the goodwill which comes as a result of your generosity.

Our organization’s ability to continue to operate is due in large part to the generous support of individual donors who believe in our mission, as well as gifts from businesses and corporations.

Thank you for your consideration of our request.

Joseph Cooper – Commandant

Peter P. Monaco Jr. Detachment

Payment for Sponsorship

Please enter information on this form to make payment for Sponsorship . The amount you need to pay is $0.00 .




$10,000 General:
-Can hang Banner at Public event (banner provided by organization)
-Website mention as 10K General sponsor
-Logo - Prime placement on all print and email communications
-Marketing table at the event
-30 second commercial at event
-Press Release that goes out name mention as General Sponsor of Hike V
-Sponsor of the Band with Signage
- Banner on Truck – Banner provided by sponsor
-Social media (Pre and Post Event)

$5,000 Colonel:
-Can hang Banner at Event
-Website mention as Colonel Sponsor
-Table at event
-Social media (Pre and Post Event)
-Registration Sponsor
-Logo on print and media

$2500 Major:
- Website mention as Major Sponsor
- Social media (Pre and Post Event)
- Banner on Truck (Banner provided by sponsor)
- Logo on print material

$1000 Captain:
- Website mention as Captain sponsor
-Name mention on Print Material
-Social media (Pre and Post Event)

$500 Lieutenant
-Website mention as Lieutenant sponsor
-Name mention on Print Material
-Social media (Pre and Post Event)

$250 Table at Event
-Name mention on web and print

Other / In Kind
-Name mention on web and print

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Thank You To Our Sponsors

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